I’m looking to insulate some solid stone walls internally. The property is partially below ground level so the walls have already been tanked with a membrane and the walls studded.

I am now thinking of using an insulated plaster board however has anyone got an opinion on the Superquilt for walls product as an alternative? Or could anyone suggest a better alternative?

  • Alasdair Macmillan

    Superquilt relies on a cavity void either side – how much can you afford to lose from your floor space?

  • Daisy Jeffery

    Multi-foil has a similar insulation quality to mineral wool. It has an advertised thermal resistance of 2.71m²K/W (compared to 2.25m²K/W for equivalent mineral wool), where an equivalent insulated plasterboard (Kingspan K17 or similar) would have a thermal resistance of 5.6m2K/W — more than twice as good. The cost is likely to be broadly the same, as the labour element will not change. Either insulation needs to be kept at least 25mm off the existing wall to allow ventilation, so it is difficult to see what advantage a multi-foil offers in this case. Sticking with conventional Kingspan or Celotex will give better insulation at roughly the same price.

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