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Best Shower Heads: 5 Brilliant Models to Revitalise Your Shower Experience

Best shower heads: What to know
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The best shower heads provide a luxurious experience and a powerful spray, but there’s a lot to think about before you take the plunge and commit to buying a new model.

For starters, there's many different types of shower head. The two most common structural types are handheld and fixed. Handheld shower heads are very convenient because of their flexibility, particularly when washing children and pets, while fixed shower heads are permanently attached to the wall or ceiling at adjustable heights. 

Jet shower heads are the most powerful and direct water pressure towards a smaller surface area, while rain showers are more gentle.

Shower heads tend to come with standard size fittings so you aren't limited to choosing shower heads from the same manufacturer as your shower. And while all shower heads should come with fittings and fitting instructions enclosed, it's always best to hire a plumber if you're not confident in fitting it yourself. 

If you're looking to replace your shower head, we've done the hard work for you. These are the best shower heads you can buy right now.

Which is the Best Shower Head?

Hydroluxe Shower Head/Handheld Shower Combo

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1. Hydroluxe Shower Head/Handheld Shower Combo

This 2-in-1 shower combo is perfect for pampering

Made from: Chrome-plated ABS | Finish: Chrome | Handheld shower diameter: 4 inches | Fixed shower head diameter: 6 inches | Spray settings: 6 | Installation: Tools free

Multiple settings
Easy to install
Water pressure can fall while switching heads

This luxurious two-in-one shower combo from Hydroluxe, which features a fixed head and a handheld shower head, takes our best shower head crown for its array of settings.

There are six settings on each shower head (Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydrating Mist, Rain/Massage, Rain/Mist and Water-saving Economy Rain) to choose from - and you can use the fixed mount overhead shower head and hand shower separately, or both together.

It also comes with an anti-swivel lock nut and angle-adjustable overhead bracket so you can change the direction of the water spray. You won’t need any tools to install it, and it comes with conical brass hose nuts for easy hand tightening.

Buy the Hydroluxe Shower Head/Handheld Shower Combo Now

Speakman S-2252 Signature Anystream High Pressure Shower Head

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2. Speakman S-2252 Signature Anystream High Pressure Shower Head

A contemporary model which is impressively designed

Material: Brass | Finish: Chrome | Spray settings: 3 | Diameter: 4 inches | Installation: Adjustable wrench required

48 customisable sprays
Pricier than competitors
Heavy model - be wary during installation

Those with tired shoulders and aching back muscles will love this high-pressure shower head from Speakman. 

It delivers up to 2.5 gallons of water per minute and features six adjustable jets that produce 48 individual sprays. It has three settings (Intense, Rain and Full Flood) and has a simple side handle that complements contemporary bathroom hardware and accessories. 

It’s a little heavy, which is something to bear in mind during installation. 

Buy the Speakman S-2252 Signature Anystream High Pressure Shower Head

Triton High Flow Shower Head

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3. Triton High Flow Shower Head

One of the best all-rounders

Finish: Chrome | Spray settings: 5 | Diameter:: 4 inches | Installation: No tools required

Suitable for all showers
Isn't as long lasting as the others in this list

This low-pressure shower head ticks a lot of boxes. It is high quality, inexpensive, and the handset is suitable for all shower types: low or high pressure, mixer shower or electric shower. 

It has five spray patterns to choose from (Jet, Blast, Spray, Rain and Drench) - simply twist the shower head to cycle through the options - and the universal connection makes it easy to replace your current shower head. 

This is one of the easier shower heads to install, perfect for DIY novices. 

Buy the Triton High Flow 5 Spray Pattern Shower Head

Nosame Shower Head

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4. Nosame Shower Head

There are health benefits to purchasing this model

Material: Eco-friendly ABS | Finish: Stainless steel | Spray settings: 3 | Diameter: 4 inches | Installation: Tools-free

Budget friendly
Purifies water
Hose is not included

There’s a lot to love about this Nosame shower head. Firstly, the sophisticated micro nozzle technology makes the outlet holes smaller which helps to increase the water flow, thereby increasing the water pressure. Secondly, it has three settings (Rainfall, Massage and Jetting) to ensure a perfect shower experience every time. 

Additionally, the integral water filtration system uses bio-active stones to remove heavy metals, impurities, rust, odour and bacteria from the water. This is especially useful in hard water areas. 

One consideration to make is that while this is easy to install - simply screw onto any standard shower hose - the hose is not included (you can buy the hose here). 

Buy the Nosame Shower Head

WaterPoint Rain Shower Head

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5. WaterPoint Rain Shower Head

Great for a quick wash and spending less time in the shower

Material: Lightweight ABS plastic, plated with Chrome | Finish: Chrome | Spray settings: 1 | Diameter : 8 inches | Installation: Tools-free

Large diameter head
Built in water restrictor
More expensive than others on the list

This WaterPoint model is one of the most impressive rain shower heads available. 

A thoughtful feature is the flow restrictor, which limits the shower head to 2.5 gallons of water per minute, an environmentally-friendly measure which helps to reduce water usage. You can remove this if you wish though. 

The large 8-inch diameter should be noted too. The size makes each shower feel like a spa experience, covering your entire body and providing a deluxe wash each time.

Buy the WaterPoint Rain Shower Head

How to Choose Your Shower Head

While price will inevitably be a primary consideration for many when choosing a new shower head, it is worth assessing the qualities you are looking for. 

Water Pressure 

Your water pressure will likely dictate which shower heads are compatible with your home plumbing. If you’re not sure whether a specific shower head will work in your shower, use a water pressure gauge to test its compatibility, or ask a professional to check for you. 

(MORE: How to Choose a Shower)


Be sure to review your current shower set-up before buying a new shower head, as you'll need to consider how effective it will be.  

If you have kids or pets, then you might prefer to buy a handheld shower head which will give you more flexibility. 


Newer shower heads are equipped with different spray settings. There are high-pressure sprays which are good for massaging muscles, while low water pressure sprays are best suited if you want a gentler experience.