Having completed the construction of the walls for the extension, we now needed to fit the steels which would support the roof and allow the removal of the remaining load bearing walls. This is all a big learning curve for us never having done a project before which involved the need for steels. We couldn’t believe how many and how big the steels are which have been specified for this project. One of our brickies did comment that we could probably build a 10 storey block of flats on the steels that we have been told are needed! Apparently this is how things are done these days – architects and structural engineers seem to be erring on the side of caution when they design and specify.

So with the large steels on site and Tony, whose firm had made the steels for us supervising their positioning, the team set about placing them. They were too large and heavy for our team to handle alone so we learnt that it is normal practice in the building game to pop across the road to another site and borrow some “muscle”! The deal is that our lads will return the favour when the steels arrive at the neighbours building site!

We were introduced to the joys of the Genie Lift which Tony had asked Will to hire in for the day. After a lot of huffing and puffing the steels were swung into position. There is a large U shape steel supporting the gable, 3 large steels make up a Ring Beam to support the roof and a large ridge beam was hoisted up to the top of the roof. Quite a feat in our view but for the guys that do this regularly apparently it’s all straight forward.

So now we have a solid structure on which the roof can be built and it looks like it could withstand pretty much anything!! The building inspector is happy too!

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