An IP Code or Ingress Protection Code, rates the degree of protection a light has against intrusion of dust particles and water. It is important that lights fitted in bathrooms have a good IP rating to provide a level of waterproofing in a wet environment.

Daisy Jeffery selects the best IP rated lights for style and function in your bathroom.

john cullen waterspring LED downlight

1. Waterspring LED downlight, £118 and the Oslo External LED Steplight, £121, both from John Cullen

Quartz bathroom wall light

2. The Quartz Bathroom Wall Light from John Lewis, £55

Ikea Lillholmen wall and ceiling light

3. The Lillholmen wall/ceiling light from Ikea, £9

kyoto pendant light from astro lighting

4. The Kyoto pendant light from Astro Lighting, £225

spice round bathroom ceiling light from Victorian Plumbing

5. The Spice Round bathroom ceiling light from Victorian Plumbing, £79

pillar bathroom light from John Cullen

6. The Pillar Light from John Cullen, £113

The Caberet 4 Light bathroom wall light from Heal's

7. The Caberet 4 Light bathroom wall light from Heal’s, £130

chrome bathroom chandelier

8. The Chrome Bathroom Chandelier 418 from Gustavian, £490

Raydon walls lights in nickel plate

9. Raydon Wall Lights in nickel plate with fluted glass from Jim Lawrence, £159.50

low energy bathroom mirror lamp

10. The low energy Bathroom Mirror Lamp from The Lighting Store, £210

*All prices include VAT unless otherwise stated

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