What do you do with river cobbles?  That’s one of the nicer things we’re pondering at the moment because we have lots of them.  They’re inside every steading and need to be back-breakingly dug out before renovation work begins.  We have a stream so I might use them to cobble the stream bed (as above) or perhaps they’d be better in the courtyard like this…?

However, 1992 might have been the Queen’s ‘Annus Horribils’ but 2011 looks like it’s turning into ours.  At the start of the year two Sheriffs Officers turned up at my office to serve me with court papers as our previous architect continues to pursue the disputed bill.  The case is in the small claims court and is due next week.

We’ve also had to hire a van several times to take materials up North and our costs have doubled due to two speeding tickets.  All I can say is, don’t go too fast on the A9!

Our project is out to tender and the bids from various builders and contractors are due back today.   This will give us the first real indication of the cost of our project – very nervewracking!

Meanwhile the unseasonally hot weather means it’s a race against time to get topsoil onto our newly-constructed terraces before the weeds take over.  Soon it’ll be strimming season.  How on earth are we going to build a house when landscaping takes so much time?

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