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Top Tips for Creating a Beautiful Low Maintenance Garden

Garden decking from Millboard
Garden decking needs to be stain resistant if it is going to maintain its good looks for years to come — particularly where it is used to create a dining area. Millboard decking is a great idea for those after a low-maintenance alternative to real timber.  (Image credit: Millboard Decking)


With the arrival of Spring it is not unusual to start thinking about sprucing up your outdoor spaces, perhaps with new garden decking, a shady seating spot or a new planting scheme. But whilst many of us want to create a garden in which to enjoy our leisure time, what we don’t want is outdoor areas that are going to require a massive amount of effort to stay looking their best.

We show you the top five ways to create gorgeous gardens that are also easy to maintain — striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and effort.

1. Choose Wood Effect Decking

Thanks to a huge attention to detail, products such as Millboard (opens in new tab) timber-effect decking are hard to distinguish from the real thing. Made from polyurethane combined with mineral stone and hand-painted, it offers the beauty of a natural product without the associated upkeep requirements.  (Image credit: Millboard Decking)

Outdoor decking is the ideal way to create seating areas quickly and with minimal effort, whether you are after a shady spot to read, a patio area for entertaining or simply a quiet corner from which to admire the view.

However, for many people considering garden decking, concerns can arise about its durability and the fact that traditional wood decking can become slippery in wet weather.

For this reason, it is wise to choose anti slip decking. Take a look at products such as the wood effect decking from Millboard which is hand-moulded from real timber before being hand-painted, meaning it is virtually indistinguishable from real timber decking boards.

2. Opt for Low Maintenance Products

Certain products look amazing but require lots of upkeep to stay that way — think grass, natural stone paving, real wood decking. 

Grass needs regular mowing so if this is going to be a problem for you, consider artificial grass or skip the grass altogether or create a space made up of gravel, shrubs in raised beds and pots and garden decking instead.

Natural stone paving requires power washing in order to hold on to its good looks, whilst natural timber can become slippery, rot or warp — consider a wood effect decking instead.

3. Choose Shrubs over Flowers

Sticking to evergreen shrubs and hedging over flowers tends to be the best idea for hands-off gardeners — a quick prune or trim will be all that is required, as opposed to lots of deadheading, supporting, watering and care. 

4. Keep Lawn Space to a Minimum

Whilst the dream might be a pristine lawn complete with neat stripes, the reality is that for a lawn to look great it needs regular mowing and maintaining if it is to remain tidy and well-drained. 

Those after a low-maintenance garden scheme should consider keeping lawn space restricted and instead look to an easy-to-care-for product such as outdoor decking or perhaps gravel or paving — or a combination of these for added visual interest.

5. Avoid Traditional Flower Beds

Garden decking from Millboard

Use anti slip decking on terrace areas to ensure you can enjoy your outdoor spaces all year round. Millboard (opens in new tab) decking is hand-moulded from natural timber and is practically indistinguishable from real wood — it is non-slip and will not rot or warp.  (Image credit: Millboard Decking)

Whilst beds overflowing with a cacophony of colour co-ordinated flowers might be stunning to look at, they are also hugely time-consuming to maintain. 

Instead, form a display using a selection of pots and containers or raised beds and place them on a space created using outdoor decking. Using a wood effect decking means you can water your new planted display without worrying about the decking boards warping or rotting. 

For more information on Millboard decking and to order samples visit (opens in new tab)