Our guide to sanding wood floors — from tools to sandpaper grits

hand sander
(Image credit: Future/Pete Wise)

With the right approach and the right tools, sanding wood floors can greatly improve the finish or evenness of the wood. In some cases, sanding is also a crucial step in the process of renovating an existing wood floor. 

When it comes to sanding wood floors, there are several pointers to look out for and some important decisions to get right. The tools you use, your technique and even the specific sandpaper grades you choose will affect the end result. This guide will give you the knowledge you need to sand correctly.

Pete Wise

Pete Wise is a freelance writer and keen DIYer from Leeds. Pete's tool reviews have featured in titles including Homebuilding & Renovating, Ideal Home and The Independent. He also writes features and news articles for publications such as The Guardian, BBC Good Food and T3. When he isn't busy writing, Pete can often be found at libraries, pubs and live music venues. He finds tile-cutting strangely zen.