Do you need planning permission for solar panels? Our planning expert reveals what you need to know

Solar panels on the roof of a detached house with a driveway
Solar panels may need planning permission if your home is in a conservation area (Image credit: Getty Images)

Planning permission for solar panels might be necessary when adding this renewable technology to your home. More and more homeowners may be looking to install renewables to their properties to reduce their energy costs as energy prices continue to rise. However, checking whether planning consent is required can be an all-important step prior to installation.

If your property lends itself to it, solar panels can be easily added to either the roof, or in your garden if it is large enough. Solar panels also have the added bonus of being a good way of reducing our carbon emissions too.

Simon Rix

Simon Rix is a professional planning consultant, who began his career working in local government in the 1990s. He was a council officer and later an elected councillor, so he knows how the planning system works from both sides. He went on to set up Planix.UK Planning Consultants Ltd; a consultancy company that advises self builders, home extenders and those taking on small to medium-sized building projects on planning permission.