7 Lessons You'll Learn When Building in a Pandemic

Building in a Pandemic
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For many of us, spending more and more time at home during the pandemic has highlighted the fact that our homes aren't necessarily up to scratch. Maybe we have a need for additional space for a permanent home office, or to better use of existing space to relieve space pressures on the rest of the home. 

So it is unsurprising that in a 2020 survey by Money.co.uk, homeowners in the UK invested £55bn in renovating or improving their homes during lockdown, with an average spend of £4,035.70 per home. 

Katie Corcoran

Katie is an experienced journalist, with nearly two decades of experience. She previously worked as a digital editor at womanmagazine.co.uk. She has renovated two houses including a 200-year-old cottage and a 1950s semi, taking a hands-on approach to the work. She also runs her own photography and design company.