Electrics: The Basics

electrical socket being fitted
(Image credit: getty images)

Designing and installing a new electrical system in your home is one of the more complicated elements of the overall building project. Most renovators, faced either with historic electrics untouched since the era of Bakelite’s dominance (if not before) or, perhaps worse, ‘improved’ and amended over years of previous owners’ marginal projects (closed off faceplates and switches that don’t work being classic signs) will also be keen to bring things up to date.

For those of us who didn’t listen much in physics classes, the world of electrics can be quite scary and for most, the services of an electrician are essential.

Darryl Bertie

Darryl Bertie is a smart home installer and electrical engineer with over 30 years experience, and founder of Bert Electrics and Appcontrolled.co.uk. From rewiring properties to delivering whole-house smart integration, Darryl has worked on a vast array of projects throughout his career, including self build properties to cruise-liners. He is a member of industry body NAPIT.