Parish councils are likely to have more power to decide planning issues on their patch under the new Localism Bill, currently in the House of Lords. With that in mind, I’m reprinting this article from last night’s edition of our local freesheet, The Chronicle:

Councillor Faces Wrap Over Water Throwing

A parish councillor threw water over an architect at a meeting that approved plans to build a four bedroom house overlooking his home.

Seventy-two year old Graham Howard is now facing a demand from the council chairman to explain his actions.

Mr Howard, a member of the parish council at Hartlebury, tipped water from a plastic bottle over Martin Timmins, architect of the plans for the new house, in the Wychavon District Council chamber at Pershore.

The incident happened after the planning committee had approved plans to build a large house in a conservation area, in a field behind his cottage.

Councillor Howard said: “The reason why I tipped a small quantity of water was solely down to my frustration at the planning process, which I believe is deeply flawed.”

  • Susan Goldwyre

    How web sites work these days. I am in the running for a home building award for the Goldwyre House which caused me to look further onto your web site. Planning indeed! Let me tell you my story. We took 10 years to get permission for our house build. It is a sensitive site and the planners wanted to make sure the design was not too ostentatious. Our first design was refused being too “exotic”. The senior planning officer though had his own opinion “I will never allow you to build on this site” rings in our ears. However, it

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