“Tis a bewtiful day my bird, but a little chilly. I’ll have a bag of coal if you please Mr Grose”.

“Not a problem my sweetheart, I’ll get it right for ya”.

Might have been what you would have heard if you’d been walking past my site 150 years ago and that’s about as far back as I’ve managed to trace the very varied history of the site, when, at the time, it was a coal yard owned by a Mr Grose.

The whole village is in fact steeped in history. The church that my site is next to can be traced back to the 12th century and it’s history is reasonably well documented. Around 200 years ago the village population boomed due to the construction of a nearby mine and consequently many new homes and business were built. As a result of the history of the settlement the whole village has been designated as a conservation area, combined with the fact that I am next to a grade 1 listed church has resulted in a few extra planning conditions on my planning consent aside from the usual ones you may encounter (in addition to having to get a separate conservation area consent). Principally:

“No development shall take place within the area to be developed until the applicant has secured the implementation of a program of archaeological recording based on a written scheme of investigation submitted to and approved by the local planning authority”

“The developer shall afford access at all reasonable times to any archaeologist nominated by the local planning authority, and shall allow him to observe the excavations and record items of interest and finds”

Also, before I commence work on the site, I am required to submit a method statement to detail how I am going to demolish the existing structure and maintain the integrity of the site. I’ll update you with my progress next time when hopefully this will have been done, an archaeologist will have been sourced and demolition will have begun! In the meantime I’ll leave you with the picture above, my site is on the left c. 1900, a little different from the present day state of the site that you can see in my previous blog!

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