I am in the middle of interviewing builders for ‘The Haymoo’, and it’s making my head hurt a little but this week I completed on its neighbouring property ‘The Glasshouse’ which has been 10-11 months work. I had a very unusual, irregular shaped site to work with. There had been an old tractor shed, garage and dairy which I dropped then rebuilt this beautiful creature using the footprint.

Its 2 houses in 1, has four double bedrooms, all ensuite and two kitchens and living areas. I did alot of research and found that people like to have elderly parents live close to them in the village particulary with the soaring cost of care homes and many families have teenagers or buy second properties as a source of secondary income. This house is perfect for anyone wanting that.

A couple of months into the build I discovered I had been wrongly advised that the house needed to have a garage so I submitted an application to change the garage to the second living room making the annex side of the house wheelchair friendly as there’s a bedroom and wetroom on the ground floor. I kept the garage door on the building to give it more character as I was refused a window and I think it works well.

Its got a strange name considering its largely built of random yorkstone but the glass elevation set a precedence in the area and makes the most of the stunning views across The Ribble Valley. Mum and me worked on the decor together, by far our favourite bit aiming for ‘contemporary country chic’, and used stone in the main living room, glass, a mix of woods and I had beams put in above doorways and built features around fireplaces which annoyed the hell out the dry liners but then where they saw it agreed it looked good. There’s lots of lighting everywhere and anywhere but LED of course, I was worried it would remind me of a nightclub but it actually gives the building so much character as you start to notice areas you wouldn’t normally look at. !. Both kitchens have Neff Coffee makers and Quooker boiling hot water taps which seem to excite visitors and are pretty terrific as it’s stopping me boiling the kettle every two minutes …hmm maybe it was all that caffeine giving me the headache?

  • Aleena joe

    Yeah it is really an exceptional work done at very short periods of time the project has been completed … thanks for sharing your success it will really encourage other people as well…

  • Simon Benson

    It looks really good Oliver. I’d rent it if you weren’t quite so far away; it would meet all of my needs.
    I assume that you were quite hands on – what was your cost per meter?

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