Cobra PW18024V cordless pressure washer review

See how the Cobra PW18024V Cordless Pressure Washer fared against dirty cars, patios, brickwork and more in our review

Rinsing off car with Cobra PW18024V
(Image: © Future/Alison Wall)

Homebuilding Verdict

This is a cost-effective, versatile and easy-to-use pressure washer. What I particularly liked about it was its versatility and portability - I could use it on the patio, chairs, car and brickwork, and it would be ideal for other small to medium-sized jobs around the outside of the house. However, the fact that it needed regular recharging on larger jobs was a possible drawback and this was particularly noticeable on the patio.


  • +

    Ideal for small and medium-sized tasks

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    Easy to operate

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    Two-year warranty


  • -

    Regular charging needed for larger jobs

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The Cobra PW18024V is a mid-range pressure washer that’s able to tackle most jobs around the home.


·       Battery: 24v Lithium-ion Battery and charger

·       Max pressure: 140 bar

·       Max flow rate: 180l/h

·       Hose length: 10m

·       Nozzles: 1

·       Weight: 1.8kw (including battery)

·       Dimensions:  L53cm x W7.5cm x H16cm

This cordless pressure washer comes with a water inlet pipe, detergent bottle, multi-function nozzle, long lance and long brush, plus a battery pack and charger and a storage bag. In short, all the tools you need to deep clean your outdoor space and breeze through your regular car wash.

I am planning to install a new patio next year, and so the original patio was in need of a really good clean-up. Likewise a renovation job on a vintage set of tables and chairs was long overdue - I was more than ready to put the Cobra PW18024V through its paces.

Find out how the Cobra PW18024V Cordless Pressure Washer performed on a patio, car and other surfaces, then check out more options in our buying guide to the best pressure washers

Buy the Cobra PW18024V Cordless Pressure Washer | RRP £119.99, NOW £109.99 at Mowers Online

Buy the Cobra PW18024V Cordless Pressure Washer | RRP £119.99, NOW £109.99 at Mowers Online

First Impressions of the Cobra PW18024V

When I unwrapped the box that the pressure washer arrived in, I was pleased to see that the packaging was mainly cardboard, with minimal plastic. 

The different components were in separate compartments, which helped me to see at a glance what was in the box. The pressure washer came with a black carry bag, which meant the washer plus tools could be easily stored and retrieved for use again.

At 5kg, the package was easy to handle and the written instructions were relatively easy to follow; I did cheat though and watched the Cobra PW18024V introductory video first, which was a great help. 

Thirty minutes after opening the packaging I was charging the battery ready for use - a task that took me one hour 50 minutes (the manufacturer suggests 2 hours charging time).

Cobra PW18024V items laid out

All the Cobra PW18024V items laid out (Image credit: Future/Alison Wall)

What is The Cobra PW18024V Cordless Pressure Washer Like to Use?

I used the pressure washer on five different tasks, over a period of several weeks, sinking the hose into a bucket of water for each task (a plastic clip attached to the hose meant that the hose’s built-in water filter could be kept where it was needed, at the bottom of the bucket).

I mostly used the multi-function tool as I found it gave me the most control and I found it the easiest to handle compared to the other attachments such as the long lance. Attaching and reattaching the tool and hose was straightforward, too.

The power washer itself was lightweight and easy to handle but I was surprised how soon the battery needed recharging - this was particularly noticeable when I was cleaning the patio, which I did over several weeks. On smaller jobs it was less of an issue.

Handily, the Eco button on the washer body turned green to flag that the battery needed recharging and I found removing the battery pack from the pressure washer easy. Slotting it back into place was super easy too.

How Does The Cobra PW18024V Perform?

The first of the five surfaces I tested it on was the patio.

The Patio

This was a challenging task as my patio is a fairly large area (3m x 9.6m) and the concrete tiled north-facing patio was in dire need of a clean, with a build-up of moss, algae and grime. 

I’ve not used a pressure washer on the patio before, relying on elbow grease, a stiff broom and detergent, so I was keen to see how it performed. 

With its 130 bar pressure, the Cobra PW18024V was - just - within the right ballpark for tackling this large job. 


Patio before cleaning

The patio before cleaning with plenty of grime (Image credit: Future/Alison Wall)

Without doubt, the pressure washer produced a far better result than cleaning with a broom. I managed to wash off all the surface grime and most of the decades-old algae - I could have removed it all if I’d had more time. 


Patio after pressure washer cleaning

The patio after quickly cleaning it with the pressure washer (Image credit: Future/Alison Wall)

I was more than happy with the result and would in future give the patio a power wash at least once, if not twice a year with the Cobra PW18024V to maintain the condition. 

The one drawback was that the battery only lasted long enough to do a couple of the slabs (admittedly in dire need of a deep clean) so I was having to stop and re-charge frequently. 

I timed it one Saturday and found I could work for 25 minutes minutes before the battery needed re-charging. Likewise I needed to refill the bucket of water frequently for this job.

The Car 

I normally hand-wash the car, rinsing the detergent and last traces of grime off with a garden hose. Would the pressure washer be better than the hose?


Car before pressure wash

The car before cleaning it (Image credit: Future/Alison Wall)

In short, yes: the pressure washer removed all traces of car detergent quickly and easily - much easier than unravelling the garden hose and putting it back again, and it gave a much better result.

Time taken: under 10 minutes to rinse off using the pressure washer. 


Car after pressure washer clean

The car after using the pressure washer (Image credit: Future/Alison Wall)

Metal Table and Chairs 

Having started on the patio and car, I couldn’t wait to see how the pressure washer would perform on some vintage metal chairs and tables I’d been putting off cleaning and spray painting. Each chair took around eight minutes to come up super clean, free of muck and algae - I was delighted! The metal table was a breeze too. Out of all the jobs I tackled, this was the one I was most pleased with.


Now I was on the hunt for things to try the pressure washer on. A brick wall between us and the neighbours was next on the list - it’s an area that rarely gets the sun and so had unpleasant levels of algae and moss on it ready for removal. 

I was initially concerned that I might wash out the mortar around the bricks. In fact, it needed just a short wash using the multi-function nozzle, so the brickwork remained undamaged. Again, I was very pleased with the result.

Wall cleaned with pressure washer

Half of the wall cleaned with the pressure washer (Image credit: Future/Alison Wall)

Food Waste Bin 

The least favourite cleaning job in the house (and one I normally delegate). The pressure washer made short work of this too, cleaning out the debris and leaving me with a clean and fresh bin in less than five minutes.

How Practical is The Cobra PW18024V?

Pretty good, I’d say. On all five jobs, I used water from our water butt, which meant I didn’t need to take potable water from the mains - a real plus as far as I was concerned. I later realised I could have submerged the 4m hose into the water butt, rather than decanting water into a bucket, which would have been useful for the chairs and other moveable items. 

Plus, as a cordless model I could carry it around the outside of the house as I needed. However, unlike other larger models on the market, there’s no option to use a garden hose with this power washer as it can’t be used with a mains water supply. 

And while it’s tricky to assess the Cobra PW18024V in terms of durability, the power washer and associated tools all felt robust and able to withstand regular use.

How Noisy is the Cobra PW18024V?

Initially I started the power washing early one Saturday morning, around 7am, but soon realised that it was possibly a bit early for the neighbours. The noise is by no means uncomfortable: at a measured sound power level of 83dB(A) decibels, it’s a fraction less noisy than a food blender, but it’s something to be aware of if you have neighbours close by. 

How Easy is the Cobra PW18024V to Store?

Pretty easy, especially with the carry bag that meant the pressure washer plus attachments could be stored in one place. The bag had a side pocket for storing the battery, which for safety reasons needs to be detached from the power washer when not being used - something I only realised when I’d read the instructions a bit more carefully.

About This Review and This Reviewer

Our reviewer, Alison Wall, used the Cobra PW18024V pressure washer over six weeks. She’s been writing about homebuilding and renovating for several years, and has been steadily renovating and upgrading her 1970s property in Worcestershire. An avid adopter of ways to improve her home’s energy efficiency, she is currently researching the pros and cons of installing a solar energy storage battery.

Alison put the power washer through its paces on numerous occasions, trying it out on a number of large and small jobs to get a good idea of its strengths and weaknesses.

We are not given any compensation by Cobra for our reviews, and we returned the power washer to the manufacturer after testing ended.

Alison Wall

Alison Wall is an experienced homes journalist, and former chief sub editor of Homebuilding & Renovating. She has interviewed countless self-builders and renovators regarding their projects, and has a special interest in eco builds. She is also renovating her 1970s home and garden, and has a particular interest in making her own home greener, having recently added solar panels, an EV chargepoint and a solar battery system.