I was quoted £11, 500 for new supply to new build, NIE never sent all the paperwork, being new to this I didnt know there was extra paperwork required, that quote lapsed, 2012 new quote for £13, 500 deposit of 20% paid, NIE where to get wayleaves from DRD due to going through part (very small part, approx 20ft loss of edge, for approximately 50ft) April 2014 NIE increased price to £21, 200 of which just over £5000 was paid to DRD (also they used one 2nd pole), I had to do own digging for earth etc, after much negotiating and intervention from local MP`s, NIE then reduced by £3000, also on quote they had not deducted deposit paid an later came up with excuse,’computer error’ lets face it, computers don’t make errors, only when an idiot inputs details wrong, but if I had not questioned deposit they would not have changed it

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