The land is around West Thurrock

  • Rachel Haynes

    Hi, fantastic you’re wanting to build your own home and I hope it goes really well. However, to answer your question with any confidence you would have to answer a lot of questions including how big a house, what level of specification, flat site/hill, location, do you own the land, do you want to include renewables, how much garden’ land around, are there services (power, water, gas, telephone) on the site already, are you willing to do any work yourself, etc.

    As a VERY rough rule of thumb we usually say somewhere between £1500 to £2000 per square meter of floor space within the house (not just the footprint but every floor). However, this could be pushed higher depending on your answers to the above questions so should only be used as a very rough guide.

    Get some square paper and start drawing out the rooms you think you want to a scale and a rough layout – have fun with it and have a look at other house plans on the internet and in books and start a scrap book of images and photos of the kind of thing you are looking for. But then DO talk to a Builder/ Architect (of course 😉 ) / Quantity Surveyor to get advice off someone who will be able to ask you all those questions I stuck at the start (and more), look at your plans and scrapbook and give you a much better answer than mine! For the greatest accuracy you could ask an architect to sit down with you to talk about your brief, give you advice and draw up feasibility sketches that someone (builder/ Quantity Surveyor) can cost. At that point you know what can be achieved and can really start the exciting journey of building your own home with confidence.

    Hope that is of use!

  • Lindsey Davis

    Hi Kemmy,

    Have you tried out our Build Cost Calculator?

    You can enter the build route you want to take; specifics about number of floors, rooms etc; what kind of spec you want

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