Two-Thirds of Homeowners Lack Confidence to Take on Home Improvements

Thousands Admitted to Hospital Following Lockdown DIY Accidents
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Two-thirds of homeowners do not feel confident enough to take on DIY or home improvement tasks themselves, according to new research.

B&Q’s new ‘Slice of Home Life’ report has unveiled homeowners’ varying approaches to improving our homes following the Covid-19 pandemic, and confidence remains a challenge for homeowners planning projects,

Only one in three homeowners feel confident taking on home improvement tasks, but over 50% of homeowners said they had DIY tasks that are unfinished. One reason for this could be the construction materials shortage, which has seen the price of timber, plasterboard and steel surge since the beginning of 2021. 

In the report, B&Q addressed the rising cost of living crisis and acknowledged that alongside increasing materials prices, cost has become a significant problem for home improvers. 

“With so much of our emotional contentment tied up with home life, what’s standing in the way of us taking on home improvement tasks? Cost is a big factor. If we can’t afford to do a job properly, we grin and bear a problem rather than half solve it,” said the report authors.

“The disruption big projects cause – the mess, waste, and inconvenience – creates a barrier too. Add to that a nationwide shortage of highly skilled tradespeople, and it’s no wonder most of our big home improvement aspirations remain unmet."

Room For Improvement

The B&Q report of 2,000 homeowners also revealed that 63% currently feel dissatisfied with their homes, due to the growing gap between what we want from our homes - for many it is now a home office, entertainment hub and more -  and what they provide. 

Moreover, eight in 10 people want to upgrade their homes, with the garden a popular space to renovate. 73% of homeowners said they wanted to upgrade their garden design this year.

Sustainability is a growing trend too, especially in the drive towards net zero and owning eco homes. Seven in 10 people said they feel it is important for their home to be sustainable, but only one in 10 are confident about making the necessary changes. 

If you’re unsure about how to DIY certain home improvements, visit our How-To section for expert advice and step by step guides. But also don’t forget that it’s best to know what to leave to the professionals.

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