Octopus Energy free electric blankets are available now — here’s how to apply

Using Electric Blanket in Winter during Energy Crisis
Octopus Energy is giving out free electric blankets this winter (Image credit: Getty Images)

There are 10,000 Octopus Energy free electric blankets available now to help homeowners who might need them keep warm this winter.

Many households will have considered energy saving tips this winter to help fight off the rising cost of energy, and Octopus Energy has introduced this scheme to help keep their customers' bedrooms warm without needing to rely as heavily on their heating systems. 

“We know everyone's worried about bills right now, but some people are struggling much more than others,” Octopus Energy said. “We only have 10,000 blankets to give away, and need to prioritise customers who'll benefit most: the elderly, and those with mobility issues or other medical conditions that mean they're more impacted by the cold.”

Here’s what to know about the scheme and how to apply for one of the electric blankets. And yes (so you don't have to scroll down) you do have to be an Octopus Energy customer to get a free electric blanket.

UPDATE, 14 DEC: Octopus has confirmed that it has received nearly 100,000 applications and has closed the scheme for the year. It has reviewed all the applications and recipients have already been contacted. OVO Energy has also distributed 30,000 free electric throws this winter, but applications are no longer open. 

Why is Octopus Energy giving away free electric blankets?

The energy group actually did the same last year, giving away 8,000 free electric blankets. But this year, they have upped the amount to 10,000 free electric blankets following energy price rises.

While the government’s Energy Price Guarantee, which took effect in October, capped typical dual fuel bills for millions of households at £2,500 for two years, and prevented a sharper increase in bills than original expected, millions of households are still paying far more for their energy than last October, when the typical bill was £1,277 a year.

The low cost of running an electric blanket - using one could save households around £300 a year - makes them a smart, money-saving investment. Electric blankets cost around 2-4p/hr to run at their maximum setting, Octopus Energy says. 

How many free electric blankets are available?

10,000 blankets will be given away, with Octopus Energy saying the scheme is designed to target the people most in need of help with staying warm this winter, such as those with mobility or other medical conditions. This is why the scheme has been restricted to one blanket per home. 

How to apply for a free electric blanket

First, you need to be an Octopus Energy Customer. You won't be able to fill out the application form without an email address linked to an Octopus Energy account. 

The first step for customers is to apply is to register your interest on the Octopus Energy website. You will then be emailed or posted an online application form to complete.

Upon filling this in you will need to demonstrate how much you earn to give Octopus an indication of your financial situation. 

What if I don’t qualify?

If having completed the application form you are deemed not to be eligible then you can still find some affordable electric blankets online. 

Octopus says their blankets begin at around £40, but you can buy this electric blanket for just £25.99 from Amazon, which comes highly recommended by Amazon reviewers. Octopus Energy is asking those who can afford to buy their own electric blankets to do so, rather than taking advantage of the free electric blanket scheme.

On a separate note, if you need a little extra help with keeping your home warm, there are various home improvements government grants you could apply for as well, such as:

  • Insulation grants - several schemes offer financing towards installing insulation cavity wall insulation and loft insulation
  • Window replacement grants - very few window replacement grants exist, but some households may be eligible for funding for the cost of installation
  • Heat pump grants - schemes such as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme can provide homeowners with funding towards heat pump installations.
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