Do uPVC doors really have a winter and summer setting for draughts?

UPVC doors can be adjusted to tighten the seal
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A TikToker has posted a video of a life hack – also known as ‘advice’ – about a hidden ‘summer and winter’ setting on uPVC doors to keep warm air in when it’s cold and increase air circulation when the sun is blazing.

The short video on the social media platform shows viewers how to adjust uPVC doors so they have a tighter seal and sit more snugly in the frame to reduce draughts.

But is there such a thing as a 'summer and winter setting' for uPVC doors? 

What does the video show?

The TikToker, Alijacy, explained: “Just a little tip — if you have uPVC doors and they are a bit draughty, they have a summer and a winter setting. The little sliders have an elliptical mark. Twist it out and in and the seal is tighter."

He adds: “Open your door and make sure that the line on the slider is set towards the seal… every little helps.”


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Do uPVC doors have a 'winter and summer setting'?

The answer is perhaps not as straightforward as it seems when it comes to uPVC patio doors and front doors. 

Faye Benton, head of customer experience at Everest Home Improvement, a major UK supplier and installer of uPVC doors and windows, said: “Yes this is true, although it’s not to switch from summer to winter — it’s to re-tighten the seals at any time due to normal usage.”

Everest provides a handy video tutorial on how to adjust uPVC door hinges on its website.

What do I need to know when adjusting my uPVC door?

Commenters on the Alijacy’s video were broadly supportive of his effort to help people save money on their energy bills and prevent draughts. One commented: “That’s ok, BUT beware this will tighten the seal but will put more strain on the mechanism and cause possible damage to the gearbox.”

Another said: “It actually does work, just done mine and I had a gap in top of door and now I don’t. Thank you.”

There will come a time when no amount of adjustment will stop your door dropping or letting in cold air, so make sure you are ready for that day by taking a look at new front or patio door ideas. However, in the interim, adjusting doors is a relatively straightforward DIY task. 

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