Homeowners in the UK could be sitting on up to £13bn of second-hand items tucked away in drawers, research suggests.

Old mobile phones, jewellery, tech gadgets and tools are among the forgotten items in households which can accumulate significant value. 

Mazuma Mobile reports that the average bits and bobs drawer contains tech items worth up to £500, and almost nine out of 10 homeowners own such a drawer. 

The survey of 2,000 people, via OnePoll, also revealed that a fifth of respondents regularly sell on unwanted items, with the average respondent making up to £441 selling a second-hand piece of technology. 

The findings suggest that the second-hand market is thriving, with 85% of respondents regularly purchasing pre-owned products instead of paying full price for new items. 

Return on Investment

For homeowners sitting on unused items and stuffed drawers, there is an opportunity to make a sizeable return on these products. Around 10% admitted to hoarding more than seven old phones, some of them more than ten years old. 

Craig Smith from Mazuma Mobile said: “Many of us could be sitting on a lot of cash in our bits ‘n bobs drawers. The second-hand goods market is on the rise and this means there are new opportunities for people to sell their unwanted items.

“Buying and selling pre-loved phones and other items also has a positive impact on the environment. Buying second-hand reduces the huge carbon footprint from producing new mobile phones and other technology and selling stops waste from going to landfill.”

Last month a study revealed the renovation opportunities for over-50s, who are reportedly sitting on over £56,000 of empty space. And this new Mazuma Mobile research shows that those who commit to renovating a room may yet find treasures in their bits ‘n’ bobs drawers to support the cost of the renovation.  

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