We are about to undertake a self build. To reach the plot we turn in from a B road onto an access road and then drive approximately 50 yds to the start of the site on our right. This turn in onto the access road is quite tight with little room for manoeuvre. A further problem is a domestic power line which hangs across the access road but is quite low and will make it difficult for a crane to enter the site or large cement mixer lorry. On one side of the access road entrance is a small retail shop and on the other side of the access road are two cottages. It is almost as if the electricity supply runs from say a main supply to the small commercial property and is then fed over the access road to the two cottages. Does anyone know if there is a way this line could be raised temporarily – would National Grid do this sort of job. Also we are paying quite a lot of money to have the new electricity supply brought into the site to the two new self builds and wondered whether it would be worthwhile asking if the people in the other properties, especially the two cottages would like their supply putting underground with ours. Has anyone ever come across this problem before and does any kind person have a solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciate.

  • Anonymous

    you might like to look at Part V & Schedule 2 here

    and then approach the relevant electricity distribution Co

  • Dorothy Congreave

    Thank you so much for your response. I did contact National Grid and they referred me to their Safety section. I have been given a job number and they will be coming out to inspect. I had no idea there were minimum heights for overhead electricity cables. This one is 3.7 at its lowest point. Also there is no wayleave in place, so I am informed I am entitled to request the cable to be moved. I have no intention of requesting this at this point, and in my view it would be very simple to just raise the cable a few feet. However, now I am armed with the information you have kindly directed me to, hopefully I have the regulations on my side and they will agree to raise it.

    Thank you again, and this is clear evidence that forums do provide a vital service.

  • Anonymous

    you might like to have a read here as well

    as to possible payments (compensation) in respect of a new wayleave

  • Dorothy Congreave

    The Northern Powergrid safety officer came out this morning and informed me that the regulations require a minimum height of 3.5 metres on a private road (this rises to 5.6 on a public road). It looks now as though we need to have the cable/service diverted. I have written to the relevant department with full details, and presumably they will arrange a site visit in due course.

    My question is:
    There is definitely no wayleave for this cable. I am informed that because of this, I can insist that the cable is moved. At the moment it looks as if I could incur substantial costs. Would I be within my rights to "demand" that the cable is diverted at no cost to myself.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    try these guys who seem to be up to date on what happens

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