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What Are The Benefits of A Patio Roof?

There are many benefits of having a patio roof placed in your garden or over your patio area. The first positive is that they can allow protection from rain and sun, meaning you can enjoy your garden in all weather.

Automated louvres in the roof can be designed to be watertight when shut and do not leak when they are opened just after rainfall. This creates the perfect shelter on those days where it is warm enough to eat or to just enjoy the outdoors without getting wet.

These louvres can also be used as solar shading, when they are shut they can create the perfect shade to any area but can also provide the perfect amount of natural light onto your patio area or even into your home if you were to install this roof onto the front of your home as a shade or shelter for your porch.

Advanced technology allows many additions to be installed onto these roofs including Bluetooth speakers, heaters and LED lights. The use of the heaters and LED lights mean you can use your garden area on more gloomy, cooler days but still be able to keep you and your patio furniture dry and warm.

Using a Patio Roof In the Winter

All automated louvres used have an integrated gutter, this integrated water collection design means that water is collected and drained through the louvres themselves, so even after heavy rain if the louvres are opened no water drips through, helping to keep your patio and furniture dry.

Custom made fixed slats can be installed against the roof field profile at either end of the louvre field to weather seal the automated louvres when turned flat. The length and widths of the fixed sealing louvres are modified to ensure that they fit perfectly within the required dimensions and seamlessly match the rest of your patio roof design.

It is also possible to incorporate a frameless glass screen, whether you would rather it be fixed or sliding, into the side of your patio roof to use as wind protection. Automated wind and water screens or curtains can be used to protect your patio area from wind, rain and even the sun.

The louvres can be tilted for you to allow natural light into your home in the winter months, keeping your home warm as well as making your home energy efficient. Heaters can be integrated into the structure to keep you warm as the weather gets cooler.

Using a Patio Roof In the Summer

There are also many benefits of using a patio roof in the summer months. Adding a patio roof onto the back of your home helps to extend your living spaces or creates an additional space altogether. In the winter you are able to close this added space off to reduce the cold getting into the home and in the summer you are able to open up this space to help reduce solar gain in the house.

If you have or are thinking of installing sliding glass doors or bifolding doors then you will need to think about how to prevent solar gain in your home. Solar gain occurs when the sun directly hits the glass doors on your home, creating the temperature in your home to rise. Patio roofs can prevent this by allowing you to tilt the slats or keep them completely shut, reflecting the sunlight away from your home.

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