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Fancy Building an Oak Frame Home? Get Prepared at an Oakwrights Open Day First

building an oak frame home
(Image credit: Mark Welsh©Oakwrights )

Content supplied by Oakwrights

Many people dream of building an oak frame home — it is the ideal way to create a new home that is full of character and tailored to your exact needs.

Prospective self builders can, however, feel intimidated by the process. As with any construction method, oak frame brings with it a multitude of decisions that will need careful and informed consideration if the end result is to be the house you were wishing for when you set out. 

Amongst the many advantages of oak framed houses is the fact that they can be designed in any style required — not just as traditional style homes. From contemporary properties to eco-friendly homes, the design possibilities are far reaching.

The breadth of choice makes expert input all the more valuable and this is certainly not a project you should stumble into blindly. Which is exactly where Oakwrights can help. 

oak frame in kitchen

One of the very best ways to develop your ideas about what you want from your new home is to visit completed projects — and this is exactly what you will have the opportunity to do at an Oakwrights open day.  (Image credit: Mark Welsh©Oakwrights)

Building an Oak Framed Home: Where to Begin?

If you decide to build an oak framed home it is crucial to seek out the best expert advice you can. This should include speaking to well-known oak frame companies as well as to homeowners who have already built their own homes using this construction method.  

In addition to speaking to the experts in the field you should also visit show homes and, if possible, attend open days, as well as completed oak framed projects. 

Oak frame specialists Oakwrights have a number of open days coming up, specifically aimed at those considering taking the leap  — if you are serious about starting your oak frame self build journey events such as these should be top of your list.   

double height oak framed space

Taking on an oak frame self build can be daunting due to the sheer choice of options available — speaking to experts in the field is essential.  (Image credit: Mark Welsh©Oakwrights)

What Happens at The Open Days?

Oakwrights have designed their open days to provide as much information, inspiration and support as possible for anyone interested in building using oak frame. 

Both the upcoming open days being held this September will be hosted by the homeowners themselves at their new homes. You will be greeted by the homeowners and members of the Oakwrights team before embarking on a guided tour of the property. 

This allows you to experience the look and feel of an oak frame home first-hand, including all the fixtures and finishes.

In addition to this, you will have the chance to show and talk through your ideas with an Architect or Designer from their Architectural Design team.

oak frame designer

Those attending an Oakwrights open day will be able to discuss their hopes and dreams for their new home with a member of the Architectural Design team.  (Image credit: Oakwrights)

When and Where Can I Visit an Open Day?

Oakwrights have upcoming open days (opens in new tab) this September. The events will run on 17th and 18th September in both Suffolk (opens in new tab) and Scotland (opens in new tab). They will also be running open days in Herefordshire (opens in new tab) on the 1st and 2nd October. To book a free appointment or for more information call 01432 353 353 or email

modern oak frame home

Visiting an open day run by an oak frame specialist, such as Oakwrights, is a great way to get a proper feel for the construction method, gain valuable advice and speak to those who have already built this way.  (Image credit: Oakwrights)