Skirting Board Sizes Explained: How to Choose the Right Size

skirting board sizes
(Image credit: Getty)

Although choosing your skirting board sizes might not be one of the most exciting or glamorous decisions you have to make when designing your interior scheme, it is an important one nonetheless.  

Skirting board sizes, along with their profile and finish, can have a massive impact on the finished look of a space. This is one of those smaller details that, when overlooked or approached in the wrong way, will stand out like a sort thumb.

Natasha Brinsmead

Natasha is Homebuilding & Renovating’s Associate Content Editor and has been a member of the team for over two decades. An experienced journalist and renovation expert, she has written for a number of homes titles. Over the years Natasha has renovated and carried out a side extension to a Victorian terrace. She is currently living in the rural Edwardian cottage she renovated and extended on a largely DIY basis, living on site for the duration of the project. She is now looking for her next project — something which is proving far harder than she thought it would be.