Removing a brick from a wall: How to replace damaged bricks

Exterior brick wall with damaged bricks
(Image credit: Chris Longhurst)

Removing a brick from a wall and replacing it means you can say goodbye to damaged and spalling bricks that are creating an eye sore. Bricks get damaged through water ingress and frost expanding and contracting in the brick causing the brick face to break off, this is called spalling. 

But it's not just spalling that causes damage, bricks get damaged through drilling, having waste pipes removed, or cracking through settlement. And sometimes they need replacing for other reasons such as a new air brick. 

Chris Longhurst

Chris is a full-time Staffordshire builder who has more than 40 years of experience in the construction industry. He has his own YouTube channel that has had over 19 million views and 45K subscribers and provides how-to videos to aid builders and DIYers undertaking building tasks around the home.