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Project Managing Your New Kitchen

Kitchen from Callerton
(Image credit: Callerton)


Managing a successful kitchen renovation or extension project is complex and involves a wide range of skills, knowledge, and experience.

Project managing a kitchen installation involves three key tasks:

  • Arranging goods and services
  • Scheduling the various tradespeople needed to install your kitchen
  • Overseeing the installation of furniture, products, and services to the right standard

You’ll find all of these attributes in a professional design-led kitchen specialist retailer. By appointing the right team at the start of your project you can be assured of your kitchen reaching its full potential. Before appointing your team check their portfolio of previous work and customer reviews to confirm their credentials.

Design and Plan

Your kitchen design should of course be in conjunction with the architectural phase, but also in relation to how your project needs to be implemented. Ultimately, you want to avoid making any off-the-cuff decisions once the build is underway.

Ensure you use a first-rate professional kitchen designer and quality products. The project management element that they offer will ensure key services such as power, plumbing, and extraction are all ready and in the right place before fitting the kitchen. Take underfloor heating as an example, the kitchen furniture and appliances cannot sit above this, meaning the kitchen footprint is required prior to starting on site.

Kitchen from Callerton

The blue and grey furniture in this Callerton kitchen contrasts with the lighter work surfaces and touches of oak (Image credit: Callerton)

Professional Installation

If you’ve designed your kitchen well, the installation process will go smoothly, and potential hiccups can be avoided.

Whether you are project managing your kitchen extension yourself, or designating it someone else, its complexity makes it a skilful job. You’ll find all these project manager attributes in a professional independent design-led kitchen specialist retailer.

Hiring a specialist can take some of the stress away because they’ll have done this many times before.