Pink mould in shower? Why it might be more disgusting than you think

Pink bacteria 'serratia marcescens' close up
Pink 'mould' isn't actually a mould - it's a bacteria that feeds off the fatty deposits in soap scum (Image credit: Getty)

Pink mould in showers might sound rather flamboyant for a mould but there's a reason for it's colour — and that's because it isn't a mould at all, it's a bacteria. While that alone might sound nasty, the reason the stuff might be colonising inside your shower cubicle is pretty grotty too.

Pink mould is often found in areas where there is a build up of soap scum, for instance if you fail to clean your shower or bath for long periods of time. The bacteria thrives in damp areas and feeds on fatty particles in personal hygiene products. And to top it all off, the bacteria can give you infections by entering any open wounds you have while you wash as well as a potential urinary tract infection.

Sam Webb

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