Are you supporting biodiversity in your home? Here's 4 easy steps to try, according to a sustainable design expert

living room with wooden furniture
(Image credit: Wood Works Brighton)

It’s easy to discount the positive impact of a thriving natural environment on our health, largely because many of us view ourselves as separate from nature. In fact, we rely heavily on biodiversity — from the food we eat to the air we breathe as well as limiting disease (1). In industry we refer to this as ‘Ecosystem Services’, the direct and indirect benefits that contribute to human wellbeing and health (2).

Biodiversity is currently in crisis; global wildlife populations have declined by 69% since 1970 (3), so it’s now important that we look to all corners of our lives to take care of our natural ecosystems — including considering building a healthy home.

Oliver Heath
Design expert

Oliver Heath is an expert in biophilic and sustainable design, and in his regular series he will help you to understand how to create a healthy home. He is passionate about human centred design and the role that nature has to play creating sustainable and regenerative spaces. He runs Oliver Heath Design, a sustainable architecture and interior design consultancy and practice.