How to treat woodworm and get rid of it for good

roof timbers with signs of woodworm infestation
(Image credit: Getty Images)

If you're renovating a home with timber beams, knowing how to treat woodworm is a great tool in your arsenal. A relatively common issue in the UK, woodworm are wood-boring insects who love to snack on anything wooden.

Woodworm usually makes an appearance in damp and poorly ventilated areas, where wood cannot dry out, which is why it is a concern when renovating a house. Like fungus, they prefer a moist environment, as this makes their supper much easier to chew. Infestations usually target areas that are left undisturbed, such as wooden beams or joists in buildings, covered floorboards, or furniture that is in storage. 

Rosie Moorman

Rosie is an interior textile designer renovating a 36 room farm in rural North Yorkshire. She is a heritage property enthusiast, developing her DIY skills as she sympathetically restores her home. She takes on a range of tasks on a DIY basis, from beam restoration and repointing to tiling and lime plastering, and creates beautiful spaces in the process.