We asked the experts to explain how to stop birds eating grass seed

A wild pigeon walking across a lawn looking for food
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Knowing how to stop birds eating grass seed is vital if your garden is frequented by serial suspects such as pigeons, sparrows, finches and doves. They can't resist a patch of freshly sown nutrient-rich grass seed, much to the frustration of the gardener.

Whether you're sorting out bare patches, or cultivating brand new lawn ideas, beady eyed birds can spot seed and swoop in before they've taken root. But this can be prevented without resorting to desperate measures.

Daisy May headshot
Dr Daisy May

Dr Daisy May is a veterinary surgeon. Alongside clinical practice, she is a published freelance copywriter, proud Veterinary Expert at Readyr.com as well as owner and blogger of a specialist bird blog.

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James Ewens

James Ewens is commercial director of Green Feathers, bird box camera and wildlife specialists, and is a self-proclaimed garden enthusiast. James is passionate about all things to do with nature, gardening and wildlife. When he's not tending to his own outdoor space, he's usually checking on his bird and hedgehog cameras. 

Turfquick Ornamental Premium Biodegradble Grass Seed Mat 10M2 | Was £44.99, now £41.99 at Robert Dyas

Turfquick Ornamental Premium Biodegradble Grass Seed Mat 10M2 | Was £44.99, now £41.99 at Robert Dyas

The cellulose fibres in this grass seed mat holds onto 10x more moisture than soil. It can be easily cut to size using ordinary scissors and will stay in place once watered.

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Fiona Jenkins

A landscaper and gardening expert with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Currently she works for MyJobQuote as their resident expert on all things gardening. She is highly knowledgeable and her expertise has been featured in many reputable publications.

Teresa Conway
Deputy editor on Homebuilding & Renovating

Teresa was part of a team that launched Easy Gardens in 2018 and worked as the Editor on this magazine. She has extensive experience writing and editing content on gardens and landscaping on brands such as Homes & Gardens, Country Homes & Interiors and Living Etc magazine. She has developed close working relationships with top landscape architects and leading industry experts, and has been exposed to an array of rich content and expertise.

In 2020 Teresa bought her first home. She and her partner worked alongside architects and builders to transform the downstairs area of her two bedroom Victorian house in north London into a usable space for her family. Along the way she learned the stresses, woes and joys of home renovation, and is now looking to her next project, landscaping the back garden.