Drilling into Tile: How to Avoid Cracking

cooling down a tile drill bit with a wet sponge
(Image credit: Luke Arthur Wells)

Drilling into tiles is relatively easy when you use the right tools, but it has the potential to cause issues if it goes wrong. There’s a small chance that you could cause a crack in a tile, meaning it’d need to be replaced, while incorrectly placed holes can’t be filled and painted in the same way that they can on a plastered wall. 

However, drilling into tile will be unavoidable in some instances, such as where you need to hang a mirror or shelf on a tiled wall, or for fitting a shower enclosure or screen over a bath. Larger holes will also be required when tiling a bathroom to fit around pipes. It's possible to drill tiles both before installation and when they're on the walls, largely this will depend on when and why you need to drill holes. 

Luke Arthur Wells

Luke Arthur Wells is an award-winning interiors blogger and stylist. His blog has been one of Vuelio's top 10 interior blogs for four years running, and he recently won the Best Creative Skill category at the Amara Interior Blog Awards. Luke has worked with some of the UK's biggest brands, from John Lewis and Made to Farrow & Ball and B&Q. He's a big DIYer, and loves coming up with creative woodwork projects for his home, a Victorian terrace renovation in Essex.