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Everything you need to know about building or renovating your own home - from finding a plot to fitting a skirting board. If you're new to the idea, check out our Beginner's section. We've also got leading expert advice on project success, planning permission, technical guides, DIY projects and much more.

  • 1/5: How to Solve Condensation

    Condensation is a problem in both period properties and newer homes, but what causes it and what...

  • 2/5: Eco Optimised Design

    Over the last few years, a new phrase has started doing the rounds in building circles that you may...

  • 3/5: Underfloor Heating for Renovators

    Installing wet underfloor heating pipes in existing homes has been very difficult — until now...

  • 4/5: Timber Decay

    The presence of wet or dry rot – not to mention wood beetle – can set alarm bells...

  • 5/5: Cost-Effective Woodburners

    Jason Orme explains how to choose the right one and why their cost-effectiveness is really all...

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  • Self Build Guide


    Includes what it means and information on mortgages, finding land, costs and much more.

  • New green roofs can gather BREEAM credits on old buildings


    I’m sure that most people who are involved with designing or building new properties are familiar with the BREEAM system. It’s a way of measuring a development’s impact on the Environment. BREEAM covers such things as fuel efficiency, wildlife habitat,...

  • Underfloor Heating Explained


    If you’re interested in installing underfloor heating in your home, but don’t know how to proceed next, Michael Holmes answers your questions, including information on cost, energy efficiency and design.

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  • Existing damp & how best to deal with it.

    We have a house built circa 1805 (not listed), it has been converted with many additions. It sits on and up against sandstone. Some of the...

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    Views: 34
  • Build Cost Calculator

    I'm hoping to build in 2015 and have recently subscribed. In the meantime I'm using the Build Cost Calculator to get an idea of costs (...

    Answers: 2
    Views: 122
  • Are these extension costs too high?

    A friend of mine has just had a quote through for a small extension that comes in at around £3,000/m2 - it's a for a small utility room...

    Answers: 8
    Views: 36,545
  • Cost of electricity connection to new build

    I have just recieved a quotation for an electricity connection to my new self build, the price seems a little high for what they actually have to...

    Answers: 11
    Views: 34,348