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Everything you need to know about building or renovating your own home - from finding a plot to fitting a skirting board. If you're new to the idea, check out our Beginner's section. We've also got leading expert advice on project success, planning permission, technical guides, DIY projects and much more.

  • 1/5: Flat Roof Repair

    In the past flat roofs have had a reputation for being leaky and unstable, high maintenance and...

  • 2/5: Extensions Design Guide

    1. Reconfigure What’s There As well as adding new space, reconfiguring the existing room...

  • 3/5: Solar Power: In Depth Guide

    Thanks to improvements and innovations in technology and a wealth of Government incentives, the...

  • 4/5: Breathable Insulation

    A breathing wall is one that allows air, moisture, odours, and the toxins carried in the air, to...

  • 5/5: Warm Air Heating

    Warm air heating has come a long way since the 1970s, and eco expert Tim Pullen believes our...

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  • Our Guide to Biomass Boilers


    Biomass is a good option for many homes - but it's not always cheap. Here's our guide.

  • Renewable Heat Incentive Guide


    The four technologies explained, and how much you might expect to receive in payment

  • Renovating Sash Windows


    If your charming old sash windows look ready for the scrap yard, think again. Natasha Brinsmead explains the process of repair

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  • Village chapel conversion - what would I be letting myself in for?


    I am considering the option of buying a village chapel built 1840s. It is about 40sqm and would look to put in a mezzanine floor for half of it.

    It will need a new roof, with insulation and rooflights, inside walls stripped...

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  • Costs of an outdoor pavilion


    I am looking for help with costing up the basics for a 25sqm timber pavilion. It is 5m wide at one end and 3 at the other and has a sloped roof. I was thinking of having timber post foundations and cladding it in timber too.

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  • Development with a mortgage or cash?

    Soon to graduate from a construction project management degree and am in the very early planning stages of setting up a company to renovate/develop properties in and around London, and looking for some good advice.

    I believe the...

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  • Are these extension costs too high?

    A friend of mine has just had a quote through for a small extension that comes in at around £3,000/m2 - it's a for a small utility room extension that can't be any bigger than 5m2 in new space. Builder initially quoted £14,000 but went...

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  • Cost of electricity connection to new build

    I have just recieved a quotation for an electricity connection to my new self build, the price seems a little high for what they actually have to do . (7,000 pounds)
    The connection will be a single phase supply off the main line which...

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  • What's the cheapest way to self-build?

    For a complete beginner with no skills, other than organising, what is the cheapest form of self-building? Blockwork, timber frame, hay bale, you name it — I’d be interested to know which construction route is the most cost-effective for me?

    Answers: 3
    Views: 23,532