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Everything you need to know about building or renovating your own home - from finding a plot to fitting a skirting board. If you're new to the idea, check out our Beginner's section. We've also got leading expert advice on project success, planning permission, technical guides, DIY projects and much more.

  • 1/5: How to Solve Condensation

    Condensation is a problem in both period properties and newer homes, but what causes it and what...

  • 2/5: Eco Optimised Design

    Over the last few years, a new phrase has started doing the rounds in building circles that you may...

  • 3/5: Underfloor Heating for Renovators

    Installing wet underfloor heating pipes in existing homes has been very difficult — until now...

  • 4/5: Timber Decay

    The presence of wet or dry rot – not to mention wood beetle – can set alarm bells...

  • 5/5: Cost-Effective Woodburners

    Gallery: Jotul's F373 in white enamel finish, POA; The C-Four from Charnwood available in eight...

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  • Interior Wall Problems


    From cracks in the plaster to soundproofing (or lack of it), internal walls can throw up all sorts of problems in old homes. Step in chartered surveyor Ian Rock with the solutions

  • Keeping a Healthy Level of Airflow in New Homes


    As new homes are required to be ever more energy efficient, it is important to look at how innovation is helping housebuilders to achieve the right balance between air tightness and adequate ventilation.

  • Induction Cooking from Rangemaster


    This advanced technology offers precise control over cooking temperatures, it can take as little as five seconds for water to begin to boil and reducing it down to a simmer is just as quick.

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  • Cost of electricity connection to new build

    I have just recieved a quotation for an electricity connection to my new self build, the price seems a little high for what they actually have to...

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    Views: 37,219
  • What's the cheapest way to self-build?

    For a complete beginner with no skills, other than organising, what is the cheapest form of self-building? Blockwork, timber frame, hay bale, you...

    Answers: 3
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