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Everything you need to know about building or renovating your own home - from finding a plot to fitting a skirting board. If you're new to the idea, check out our Beginner's section. We've also got leading expert advice on project success, planning permission, technical guides, DIY projects and much more.

  • 1/5: Warm Air Heating

    Warm air heating has come a long way since the 1970s, and eco expert Tim Pullen believes our...

  • 2/5: What is Cohousing?

    Mark Brinkley introduces us to cohousing projects and how they could be a viable alternative route...

  • 3/5: Causes of Damp

    Damp is simply an excess of moisture that can’t escape. As expert David Kinsey explains,...

  • 4/5: Problems with Non-standard Construction

    This traditional style home was built out of 425mm-thick ThermoPlan Ziegel clay blocks Being ahead...

  • 5/5: Converting a Basement: The Process

    Where an ordinary extension or loft conversion isn't possible, homeowners are looking below...

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  • Oak Frame Guide


    Oak Frame Guide. An article on oak frame house costs, styles of oak frame homes, types of oak frame houses and the benefits, and problems, of oak frame construction.

  • Advantages of Timber Frame Buildings


    Timber frame homes are often referred to as a lightweight form of construction, but don’t be misled – like the skeleton in your body, it is a custom made structure that is remarkably strong and durable.

  • Flat Roofs


    Flat roofs are back in favour, but what are your best material options?

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  • Are these extension costs too high?

    A friend of mine has just had a quote through for a small extension that comes in at around £3,000/m2 - it's a for a small utility room...

    Answers: 8
    Views: 35,887
  • Cost of electricity connection to new build

    I have just recieved a quotation for an electricity connection to my new self build, the price seems a little high for what they actually have to...

    Answers: 9
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