You have to admire innovators. We live in a world that is changing more quickly than at any other time in history yet it doesn’t make those advances easier. Someone has to come up with a good idea, test it (sometimes under challenging circumstances) and then assess whether it’s worked and/or how to refine it for next time. So if we’re applying this to houses, it’s easy to see why progress is slow. We’re talking about big ticket items with a lot of emotion attached. Nobody wants to get it wrong.

Luckily there are still people who are pushing the boundaries with new ways to build houses. And equally there are those that are willing to take the risk that their new house may not turn out exactly as hoped.

In my latest podcast I interview Diana Woodward. She and her partner Celia Brackenridge had their new house manufactured on-site out of WISA board ( These flat plywood sheets are cut into shape and then knocked together into boxes of varying sizes, which can all be man-handled into position. What I respect about Celia and Diana is that they could look past the innovation and see this for what it really is – a timber construction. And it all turned out very well.

Find out more detail about the process and some of the challenges they faced by downloading the podcast from iTunes.

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