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Looking to see if anyone knows the best and most appropriate screed to use after laying down underfloor heating?


  • Vince Holden - Construction Project Manager Holden


    Liquid screeds are now very poular and efficient

  • Anonymous

    Anthony, As per what Vince said, you just need to think about a) what floor you are putting on top of it b) how best to prep for that.

    i.e If you are using tiles say then it matters whether you have concrete or calcium as you need to prep differently and use different adhesive’s etc. Use the wrong one and it will cost you dear!! Oh, most importantly, thicker it is longer it takes to heat up and less efficient your heating is (and thus costs more). Also remember you must allow (on average) 2-3 months for drying (depending on thickness) to remove all moisture otherwise, again if tiling etc, they’ll just come up and cost you a lot. People who say different, well, they’re fibbing!



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