We have been refused planning permission, [ on our garden ] despite there being no objections regarding either the house design or by the neighbours.

The area we live in has been designated a Low Growth Area and we have been told that we can only build if we build an”Affordable House”! This seems like political blackmail to us.

Surely as LGA there should be a balance between normal development and A.H? If not, can anyone point us in the direction where we can find hard and fast rules/regulations regarding A.H. To date we cannot find any and wonder if each authority is able to make up their own rules as and when they see fit.

Your help would be very appreciated as we are now going to appeal, but have no way of checking the validity of the authorities ruling.

Thank you.

  • M Vague

    not really an answer, but we too are being blackmailed by our council, they say they will allow a bungalow AH but not ordinary planning , apparently if you make a contribution of thousands it can be passed through or they want a legal agreement to say that if rented or sold it must be discounted 20% or more to make it affordable. Ours is a tiny corner of field not really useable for farming and next to a bungalow and opposite one but they insist it is open countryside. Good luck we were told that councils are slow to act on current government guidelines to allow housing unless there is harm.

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