Just wondering when to do this – I know you have to do it via the Local Authority who in turn will notify Royal Mail but, is it before the build or when it’s completed? The only reason I ask is that various forms and companies are asking for the site address and I can only describe it “land adjacent to….”. If I had a proper postcode (and we already know what the house is going to be called), obviously things would be much easier.

  • M Hyde

    I did a self build last year. I registered the address fairly early on in the process as it takes a little while for it to filter through the system and be recognised by companies. I’m pretty sure you can do it from the point at which you can receive mail (i.e. get a separate mail box to fix to a post or something at the entrance to the site).

  • Rebecca Clutton

    Thanks Matthew – so much to think about! Next issue is tackling the water and electricity connections aargh!

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