A stupid question maybe ? I have bought a load of vertical radiators to replace the older fashioned ones in my house I am renovating.Very nice and very modern ! I have been told by my plumber that the wall behind them needs to be decorated before they can be fitted as it can be seen through them ! If they are replacements surely I need the originals removed to decorate behind these as well as they are going in same position mostly ? What about future decorating ? A problem I had not anticipated ! Surely there is a way of shutting the pipes connected to them off ? Look forward to your answers and advice.

  • Adam


    You are indeed correct that radiators are connected to the pipes of the central heating system that allows the water to be "turned off" and the radiator removed. It is a bit of a faff though. Getting the heavy rads off the wall can be laborious and they are often full of dirty water which can easily spoil your lovely cream carpets!

    It would be a useful undertaking to decorate behind these radiators while the old ones are being removed. It’s the most logical time to do it.

    Whilst we’re on the subject of your renovation and your rads, you might like to consider which radiator valves you would like. These are the aforementioned "connection" between the central heating pipes and the radiator and they come in all shapes and sizes (from the cheap basic ones to the very asthetic but more expensive ones)

    Good luck with the renovation.

  • Stephen Parker

    Adam..Thank you I thought it must be possible ! Sounds far from ideal though ! I wonder if anyone has told all these folk with white walls and cream carpets about this ?!?! Which valved would you recommend if you know of any? I have the radiators as you gathered…

  • Adam


    That link is a good start for getting an idea of what sort of stuff is available. I’m sure if you scratch the surface a bit you could find all sorts on the web.

    It would be wise to consult the heating engineer / plumber you intend to employ before you make any purchases. It will help iron out any issues before he arrives at your door ready to work only to find the valves are wrong. Yes, that is the voice of experience talking!

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