I am uncertain regarding some trunking covering wiring dropping down to my electric shower. It is unsealed and because it is a disability installation, the shower unit is quite low. This means that the shower unit and the unsealed trunking dropping down to it is getting wet every time it is used. Any advice please?

  • Lindsey Davis

    This setup sounds slightly risky Casandra.

    As with anything electrics related (and especially where water is concerned) we suggest calling an electrician out to check. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


  • Tony Taylor


    Lindsey is right. Most shower units are pretty much splash proof, however, the cable and pipework entries should be really well sealed to reduce any risk of electric shock.

    A wet body is much more susceptible to electric shock than a dry one, so it is important to get this resolved quickly, ideally before using it again.

    Most sparkies will only charge you an hour or so labour plus parts to sort it out and you want them to fit new trunking for the entire run down the wall and also silicon seal the joint to the shower unit.

    Try to get a recommended electrician from friends or relatives, failing that visit http://www.smartgreenengineer.co.uk/resources and use the links under the electrical testing section to find a registered electrician near you.



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