We are currently having an extension done and have had three triple-glazed flat roof lanterns (1.2 x 2.5m) installed. During the installation of the glass the installers discovered that the frame was not big enough for the glass, so after several phonecalls they were told to remove the rubber gasket which would then allow the glass to fit in the frame. Not convinced this was the right approach, I contacted the company the next day, who told me they only have one size of frame and they do this all the time for triple glazed glass.

Our builder is not happy this is the right approach and says glass on metal is never a good idea. Also there is no protection around the glass and if it is knocked by e.g. window cleaner, the glass would shatter. Also the sealant used around the ground would wear over time.

I wonder what your thoughts are and what my next steps should be, if any.
Many thanks

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