Despite the silence we have been extremely busy – too busy to blog – so herewith an attempt to catch up. With better weather and longer days we have been able to concentrate on installation of the septic and rainwater harvesting tanks, both of which involved a lot more digging and shifting soil.

After careful research we chose the BioPure 2 septic tank system from “We Build It Ltd” in Bridgnorth. The tank is UK made (and reasonably local), has a 25 year guarantee, is low maintenance, consumes only just over 40w. The tank only needs emptying every 3-5 years and the technical support is excellent.

The rainwater harvesting system is from Stormsaver – a company with a long experience of commercial installations which has more recently begun marketing domestic systems. We chose the German manufactured 5000 litre low profile Monsoon tank which has meant less digging backed up by their Eco Control system and the highly efficient 90w submersible pump.

Installing Stormsaver rainwater harvesting tank Colemans Hill Farm Mickleton UK
Installing Stormsaver rainwater harvesting tank Colemans Hill Farm Mickleton UK

The company claims a high level of customer care and support and we think this is an under statement! Over the last few days they have responded immediately to a host of our email queries, sent us the new colour installation manual updated just a couple of weeks ago and suggested we fit a couple of updated parts in the tank (they have a policy of continuing research and improvement) which they have sent out free of charge. The company is also active in raising money for charity and has donated more than £13,000 to WaterAid in the past couple of years. Couldn’t be a better choice!

The current spell of dry weather has enabled us to begin shifting the mountain of soil and to spread some of the top soil which was carefully saved during the original excavation of the site. With luck we should be able to able to connect the downpipes from the barn and begin excavation of the pond in the next couple of weeks.

Peter from Exergy Devices has also been constantly tweaking his bespoke intelligent Energy Management System (controllable from his office in Cheltenham!) and this is now settling down and provides us with a daily supply of hot water above 50 degrees – all of it free over the last week when the tank has on occasion reached more than 65 degrees C. More on this in the next blog.

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