Stiga GT 100e battery lawn trimmer review

Long-time gardening journalist Naomi MacKay puts the Stiga GT 100e battery lawn trimmer through its paces to find out how it tackles grass and weeds at close quarters

Stiga GT 100e battery lawn trimmer out of box on carpeted floor
(Image: © Naomi MacKay)

Homebuilding Verdict

The Stiga GT 100e battery lawn trimmer is the perfect buy for someone who carries out regular garden maintenance on a small to medium garden. It's lightweight and easy to use, and its quiet operation is perfect for anyone with neighbours nearby. Its adjustable height and head, and sturdy build quality, are worth paying a little extra for, but If you have a more unruly garden, and are looking to tackle tough brambles and similar, this model is not for you. It doesn’t have the power to cut through anything sizeable, and can just about manage the odd bramble.


  • +


  • +

    Adjustable cutting angle

  • +

    Telescopic handle


  • -

    Only 20 minutes cutting time on a single charge

  • -

    Not sturdy enough for heavyweight jobs

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For this review, I road tested the Stiga GT 100e battery lawn trimmer around my village garden, attacking weeds growing through the patio, lawn edges, tricky to reach places — and the edges of weeds behind my garden fence, which try to encroach from the field behind.

Even in a smaller garden, there are plenty of places that need tidying up, where a lawn mower just can’t reach; grassy tufts along the edge of fence panels, lawn edges and other hard to reach places around garden furniture or buildings. That’s where the Stiga GT 100e battery lawn trimmer comes into its own and is one of the best cordless strimmers on the market in its niche.

Headshot of Naomi MacKay
Naomi MacKay

Naomi MacKay is a gardening journalist with a 100ft village garden backing onto the village park and fields, which is used to test everything from robotic mowers and watering cans to barbecues and leaf blowers. 

We are not given any compensation by Stiga for our reviews, but may be allowed to keep the product for long-term testing and to update this review if required.