Bosch AdvancedImpact 18 Cordless Drill Review

We put the Bosch AdvancedImpact 18 Cordless Drill through its paces

Bosch AdvancedImpact Cordless Drill
(Image: © Amazon)

Homebuilding Verdict

It’s definitely geared towards the higher end of the DIY market and internal trades, but the Bosch AdvancedImpact 18 cordless drill is well-balanced, comfortable to use, and performed well in our tests. The interchangeable chucks differentiate it from most of its competition, and if the reviewed set shipped with two batteries instead of one, it would be near perfect for all-round use.


  • +

    Light, ergonomic design

  • +

    Interchangeable chucks

  • +

    Screw holder with magnetic cap


  • -

    No charge indicator on battery; only on drill

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As a self-builder, renovator or home improver, if you own only one cordless tool, it should almost certainly be a cordless drill. Available in multiple configurations, most cordless drills not only drill holes of various sizes but have a clutch that helps to quickly drive screws too without damaging the material surface. 

Here we review the Bosch AdvancedImpact 18 Cordless Drill.

Garry Martin

Garry is an independent product tester, bringing decades of skill and experience in multiple trades to the art of authentic, real-world reviews. A technology geek, power tool addict, and soon-to-be Passivhaus self builder, he lives with his family in Worcestershire. He also has a passion for sustainability and plotfinding.