We are building a large detached brick and block house using a main contractor with a good reputation. They have just started on the brickwork. Already we have concerns about the quality of the workmanship. There is a lot of mortar in the cavity, covering the DPC and attached to many of the wall ties and clips. And there’s mortar also on the insulation. Some of the insulation is not properly secured against the blockwork and is not flush. And they’re not covering the brickwork at night even when it’s pouring with rain. When we talk to the site manager, he tells us we’re being unrealistic and this how it’s done on building sites up and down the country. We have other concerns about the build in addition to this and so are asking for a meeting with our builders together with our architect and QS, We would really appreciate some independent advice prior to the meeting. Thanks

  • Yannie Bingham

    Sounds a bit fishy! We had our brickwork covered every night with big cloths?

  • Mark Brinkley

    It’s not asking a lot to keep ‘snots’ out of the cavity. I think you are right to be asking why.

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