We have a large garden which is always being eyed up by local builders along with our neighbours gardens and as my husband is a builder we have decided to build our dream house ourselves, my question is the only access we have to the back of our garden where the house would be situated is up a private road that runs along side our current house, there are 3 houses that it leads to and they all use the road but only one of the properties owns the private road, our garden literally meets this road and it would be simple but we are not sure where to go from here, do we approach the land owner and ask permission? do we ask a lawyer to write a letter? do private land owners of this nature charge and annual fee?

any help or previous stories of this nature would be welcomed, I am sure we will get planning this is our only hurdle as far as we can see….

  • Ash Theasby

    Hi Lauren.

    There is a similar situation near to me. My advice would be to approach the land owner and seek there permission to create an access for an extra dwelling, if this lane already serves other dwellings I’m sure they will agree. There is a development near me where the houses on it are all served by a privately owned road, when each dwelling was built they each paid a fee to the land owner for the access. This was not a huge amount. You may have a situation where you have to pay an annual maintenance fee to the owner in order to maintain the access as it is the landowners responsibility to ensure this is safe and accessible. If you can get the land owners permission this will be the easiest, least hassle option, if I was you I would go knock on their door and ask, you’ve got nothing to lose! Hope that helps.


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