Take a look inside Boy George’s £17 million mansion with its own meditation tower

A brick build mansion with a tower to the rear of the property and a balcony
The home was extensively renovated, including repurposing the tower to be used for Boy George's own private meditation room (Image credit: Channel 4)

Music icon Boy George is selling his Grade II-listed mansion in London’s plush Hampstead Heath for a jaw-dropping £17m.

The Gothic Italianate mansion has an eclectic mix of house styles that matches the Culture Club singer’s bold, boundary-pushing fashion choices.

The incredible five-bed, five bathroom property has a skylight ceiling in the bathroom and a Buddhist meditation tower and was the singer's home for almost 40 years.

Gothic-styled home originally built for £9,000

Black staircase leads from the living room and has celebrity pictures lining the walls

The home is said to be “renowned for its eccentric mix of Gothic and Italianate architecture” (Image credit: Channel 4)

The stunning site was originally known as ‘The Logs’ and was built in the 1860s. It was designed by architect JS Nightingale for developer civil engineer Edward Gotto for £9,000, which would be around £1.3million today.

Estate agents Aston Chase’s said the home is “renowned for its eccentric mix of Gothic and Italianate architecture” and it features vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows and a swooping dramatic staircase that offers some modern staircase ideas.

The Italianate influence comes from the neo-classical sculpted, triple-height ceilings, mouldings, and elaborate carvings.

The house was also once the residence of British actor, writer, and comedian Marty Feldman, who co-wrote Monty Python’s famous ‘Four Yorkshiremen’ sketch, while fellow singer Sam Smith moved in next door to George in 2015.

Boy George with guests in his living room as he stands on his black gothic styled staircase

The walls inside the property features pictures and portraits of Boy George's celebrity friends (Image credit: Channel 4)

Boy George spent three years renovating the mansion 

A rear extension to the property extends the kitchen into the garden

The home was renovated over a three-year period, including a kitchen extension with floor-to-ceiling windows (Image credit: Channel 4)

The home was painstakingly refurbished and extended over a three-year period by Giles Moulder of F3 Architecture & Interiors in conjunction with multi-award winning designer Kelly Hoppen CBE.

A kitchen extension was also extended out the back of the house, which has marble work surfaces with modern floor-to-ceiling glass windows. 

The interior designs showcase a bright an décor, and the home has been filled with George’s accumulation of vibrant paintings, photographs, and sculptures.

Aston Chase, the estate agent for the property, stated the home after its renovations was an example of "a wonderful principal suite overlooking Hampstead Heath”.

Boy George in his living room with two TV presenters sitting on white sofas and a table with flowers on it

The home's interiors showcase a bright décor and gives off an impression of its owner's characteristics (Image credit: Channel 4)

Added ‘meditation tower as well as roof terrace’

When Boy George was renovating the house the dramatic tower was also repurposed into a meditation and yoga room – the 61-year-old has previously spoken of his Buddhist beliefs.

The tower includes a private bathroom with exposed brickwork and a giant skylight as the ceiling.

The star’s home also features a roof terrace above the master bedroom and a balcony overlooking the landscaped garden. The house was listed for £17 million before eventually being sold.

The home recently featured on the new Channel 4 series 'Selling Super Houses', where aspiring estate agents compete to sell homes.

A meditation room with incense and places to sit and meditate on a long sofa

The tower was also renovated after being turned into a meditation tower to accommodate Boy George's Buddhist beliefs (Image credit: Channel 4)
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