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Save 50% on This Sunrise Alarm Clock and Make Groggy Mornings a Thing of the Past

Sunrise alarm clock in Amazon sale
(Image credit: Amazon)

Looking for a sunrise alarm clock to help you wake up easier on darker mornings? Now is the perfect time to pick up this Philips sunrise alarm clock - it’s Amazon’s Deal of the Day, which means you can save a whopping 50%!

The light of a sunrise alarm clock gets brighter as it nears a scheduled alarm time, recreating a natural sunrise to help you wake up gradually. If you regularly feel stolen from your sleep in the autumn and winter months - then a sunrise alarm clock is a worthy purchase.

Scientific studies have shown that a sunrise alarm clock can help you wake up with increased energy levels, and in a better mood. Who doesn't want that?!

You can personalise your light settings depending on your sensitivity, and combine the gradual brightness with an audible natural sound alarm (no more horrendous beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeps) - or you can wake up to your favourite radio station. 

Buy This Sunrise Alarm Clock for Just £51.99

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation | WAS £105, NOW £51.99

The multitude of light and sound settings of the Philips Wake-Up Light let you easily customise your wake-up routine.

Easy to use, you can choose between four display brightness levels, 10 different light intensities and two natural wake-up sounds. You can even use the Wake-Up Light as a bedside lamp.

There’s also a snooze button which lets you sleep for nine minutes before resuming the wake-up routine, and while this might seem counterintuitive, it’s useful as a back-up while you’re perfecting your personalised sunrise.

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