New Heat Pump Could be Quieter and More Efficient to Run

NIBE S2125 Air Source Heat Pump
(Image credit: NIBE Energy Systems)

A new air source heat pump that works ‘silently’ will provide five times more heat per year than an electric heater, but with the same energy consumption, its developers say.

NIBE Energy Systems’ new heat pump has an optimised seasonal performance factor (a measure of how energy efficient a heat pump is), and offers a high supply temperature of up to 75°C. Even at an outdoor temperature near –25°C, it still delivers up to 65°C.

For every 1kWh of electricity consumed, the NIBE S2125 Air Source Heat Pump S2125 produces 5kWh heat, in comparison to a direct electric heater that would deliver 1kWh heat for every 1kWh of electricity consumed. 

Air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps have been championed by the UK government in the drive towards its target of net zero emissions by 2050, with ministers pushing to ensure 600,000 heat pumps are installed in homes per year by 2028. 

And with its launch of the NIBE S2125 Air Source Heat Pump, NIBE says that heat pumps have a big role to play in decarbonising home heating over the next three decades.

Phil Hurley, managing director of NIBE Energy Systems (UK) said: “NIBE strives to maximise the output of each and every single product, and our industry-leading air source heat pump is no exception. We are committed to offering a wide range of smart, highly efficient products."

It Adapts to a Home’s Requirements

NIBE’s new heat pump operates “silently and efficiently from summer to winter”, according to Jonny Hancock, product manager at NIBE Energy Systems.

The low noise level is achieved through a re-design of NIBE’s fan unit and evaporator, in addition to intelligent control strategy to improve the sound and performance of the heat pump.

And the optimised efficiency is achieved through a high seasonal performance factor of 5.0, which means it supplies five times as much heat energy as it consumes in electrical energy.

Moreover, NIBE says that the heat pump’s smart technology automatically adapts to a home’s output requirements all year around, providing high-performance hot water and leading to low operating costs for homeowners.

If you’re interested in introducing the NIBE S2125 Air Source Heat Pump to your home then you can register your interest on NIBE’s product page. It will be available in two power sizes: 8kw and 12kw. 

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