'I've lived with black mould and damp in my home for a year'

Journalist and copywriter Beth McLoughlin has struggled with dampness and mould in her home
(Image credit: Beth McLoughlin)

Damp and mould in a home are more than just unsightly nuisances. Living in a property affected by black mould and heavy condensation can seriously impact both your finances and your health.

Mould and dampness are caused by excess moisture, which can come from leaking pipes, penetrating damp in basements or ground floors, or rain seeping in because of damage to the roof or around window frames. Excess moisture indoors can also be caused by window condensation.

Sam Webb

Sam is based in Coventry and has been a news reporter for nearly 20 years. His work has featured in the Mirror, The Sun, MailOnline, the Independent, and news outlets throughout the world.  As a copywriter, he has written for clients as diverse as Saint-Gobain, Michelin, Halfords Autocentre, Great British Heating, and Irwin Industrial Tools. During the pandemic, he converted a van into a mini-camper and is currently planning to convert his shed into an office and Star Wars shrine.