I bought this shower head with purifying water beads and it's actually very good

Shower head with filtrating beads, turned on
The VEHHE Shower Head can change your shower experience for the better and save you money on your water bills (Image credit: Future/ Joseph Mullane)

I tried the VEHHE Shower Head as a whim purchase and was surprised to find that all the science they told me when trying to sell the product — did actually make a difference.

Depending on where you live, there can be a fair few impurities in your water supply. And when we turn the shower on, all those impurities flow right out onto our skin and hair making a difference to how they feel afterwards.

I definitely found that after switching to the water-purifying beads showerhead that my skin and hair felt softer, so much so that I'd go as far as saying this pretty inexpensive bit of kit (it's only around £17.99 with the hose or £13.69 without) — while it doesn't look particularly fancy —  is one of the best shower heads I have used to date.

Water-filtration beads makes water less acidic

My VEHHE Shower Head, which is currently £10.69 on Amazon, has three levels of water-filtering beads, which you can see doing their thing as it has a handy see-through plastic handle.

The beads inside the shower head are said to filtrate impurities such as chlorine and help remove unpleasant smells in water.

They work in three stages, first the orange tourmaline anion beads are claimed to break up the water molecules to release negative ions which makes the water more alkaline. Next the white calcium sulfate granules remove any residual chlorine which again decreases the acidity of the water and lastly, the grey activated carbon beads filter any impurities and absorb any bacteria. While the beads were all separate in my shower head, my understanding is that they can all be mixed together and have the same effect. You can also easily buy replacement beads fairly inexpensively on Amazon.

The showerhead does also come with two sets of replaceable stones for when the filtration stops working. It is recommended that you change the beads each month but I have used it for three months now and have not had to change the beads yet.

The shower head on the floor with 3 different sets of beads along the neck

The water-purifying beads can help those with sensitive skin (Image credit: Future/ Joseph Mullane)

Three levels of power to save on water bills too

One super handy thing about the VEHHE Shower Head is also that it allows you to alter the pressure of the water in your shower.

On the side of the shower head there are three switches, rainfall, jetting and massage, to alter the pressure of your shower. You can choose between these to change the comfort but also reduce the amount of water you use to save money on water bills if you are trying to decrease how much you spend.

The different pressure designs can spray thinner streams than normal shower heads, which is claimed to save you around 30% on the water you use potentially lowering your water bills. The showerhead is also said to be good for homes with lower water pressure.

The shower head has a switch on the side with 3 different levels of power

The 3 switches on the shower head gives you the option of high to low pressure systems (Image credit: Future/ Joseph Mullane)

How easy is it to install on your shower hose?

Initially I thought it would be difficult to install as I wasn't sure if it suited all shower hoses, but it couldn't have been any easier.

The shower head is simply screwed on to the shower hose and this matched both of the showers in our house and there was no leaking with either shower.

Although if you are concerned and need advice on how to fit a shower head or are just concerned about the head fitting you can buy the hose as well which comes with the more expensive £15.29 kit on Amazon. It's also worth pointing out that there are other brands selling a similar showerhead that are also on Amazon such as this ZedKnob kit that only £14.99 at the moment or this DIY Doctor showerhead for only £9.

The head is installed to a shower hose in a white porcelain bathroom

The shower head was easy to install and simply needed to be screwed onto the existing hose in our shower (Image credit: Future/ Joseph Mullane)

VEHHE Shower Head Powerful Flow with Beads |WAS £16.99 NOW £10.69
Comes with three power settings and two sets of replacement stones


DIY Doctor 3-Mode Ionic Shower Head with Beads | WAS £10.59 NOW £9

This showerhead is ideal for low pressure and has three pressure modes

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