The UK home automation market doubled in size between 2014-2018, according to a new report by AMA Research. 

With National Smart Home Month raising awareness of the benefits of smart homes for self builders and renovators, the market’s rise of 14% in 2018 indicates that more and more people are utilising smart technology in their homes.

Moreover, current estimates from AMA Research, a leading provider of market research and consultancy services, suggest that a further 13-14% growth is expected for 2019.

The Home Automation Market Report – UK 2019-2023 reveals that this growth can partially explained by more sophisticated systems being developed which are sold almost exclusively to a broader, more mainstream market (such as on consumer websites like Amazon).

A number of exciting array of new smart home products are about to hit the market, and technological advancements are hitting new heights, offering competitive value and product capabilities to consumers. 

“Cost savings from home automation such as energy savings are another important factor influencing uptake,” said Jane Tarver, Senior Market Research Analyst at AMA Research. 

Smart Choices

For self builders and renovators, designing a smart home might seem like a budget breaker, but smart infrastructure doesn’t have to break the bank. There are smart home solutions for every budget, whether you’re looking for multi-room audio, lighting, heating or home cinema options. 

With our homes and technology becoming more intertwined by the day, smart homes can provide life-enhancing benefits such as voice-activated assistants that can help you to perform hands-free tasks, to complete home automation systems that can ‘learn’ how you live in your house – providing a comfortable environment at all times. 

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